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Maryland Center for Character Education
@ Stevenson University

Mission and Purpose

Mission of the MCCE@SU

The MCCE@SU is dedicated to making a difference in the ethical lives of individuals and the entire community through education, example, and action. The Center encourages teachers, counselors and administrators, in both public and private schools, to teach, model, and reinforce values and ethical behavior. Further, the Center encourages and recognizes citizens in business and industry, private sector organizations, and parents in their key character education roles.

Maryland Center for Character Education


In support of the work of State, County, and City educators to assist teachers, counselors, and administrators in providing students with a framework for understanding and practicing exemplary character traits in American society.


Serve as a resource center for educators, students, parents, business, private sector organizations, and community leaders in affirming their roles as teachers and models of positive character traits.


Foster research in Maryland and publication of initiatives to determine the educational impact of character education endeavors.

Maryland is about Character. . .